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In order for a GUDP Round to be successful, we are seeking support from professional partners who find value in our research methodology and would like to collaborate on the year-long process. There are many ways to get involved, and we have divided our support bases into the following categories: project clients, sponsors, tech support, mentors, and university partners. The more support we receive, the more simultaneous and synergistic projects we can run.


We are looking for municipalities or organizations with urban real estate, development, or design challenges that would be interested in receiving a student team to conduct research and design for them at little to no cost. The students will gain valuable experience through working with professionals, and the participating clients will gain valuable insights into their selected problem. The organizing team will work with the clients to create a project of appropriate scope and mediate the collaborative process. Final proposed design solutions will be presented to the client for future study and possible implementation.

Client San Jose        Client Stockton        Client RSSC        


Partner STAND        Client Juarez     Client IMIP     Partner Nosotros      Partner Fundacion Carita      


Partner JovesMAS         Partner Superarte        Partner 2020


Partner Red Juvenil        Partner HELP     Partner Plan


We are looking for funds primarily to accommodate any traveling needs of students, mentors, and clients as determined by each project. Any donation should be made to Stanford University and will be directed into our university account. Sponsorship may be connected to marketing opportunities with participating students and partners.

sponsor-spire     Sponsor Haas


We are looking for innovative companies that are working on digital collaboration and visualization tools that relate to our virtual research and design process to use our project as a testbed for their products. Possible tools we’d like to test include cloud storage and rendering platforms, virtual/augmented reality environments, building information modeling programs, energy analysis software, social media, graphics programs, and more. Feedback on the product experience will be documented by the teams and presented back to the companies.

Tech Autodesk


We are looking for mentors from various disciplines to support the student teams in specific learning goals related to urban planning, real estate development, architectural design, engineering, construction, public relations, teamwork, etc. Mentors may be paired with specific teams or be available consultants to all projects. The organizing team will coordinate with each mentor candidate prior to the project to determine an appropriate level of commitment.



We are looking for academic institutions to partner with as a channel for recruiting student participants all around the world. Individual institutions may determine the level to which the project integrates with a student’s curriculum (e.g. independent study units) and the level to which they promote the project within the student body. Individual faculty members can also act as mentors to the participating students.

University Stanford   university-ljubljana     university-sjsu


University UACJ          sichuan        University UPR

If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please contact us.